Community Acuity (3) taking the ‘super’ out of supervisor

‘Community Acuity’ blog posts are from supervisors, to supervisors. They share the thoughts, experiences and reflection of the highs and the challenges of supervising doctoral students. See also #comacu on the @predoctorbility Twitter.

This post is by Tamara Hervey, Jean Monnet Professor of European Union Law, University of Sheffield. Tamara’s own blog is here.
I don’t recall too much about being a PhD student. It was a wild, unstructured experience which, although fun at the time, in hindsight was not a good preparation for life as an academic. One thing I do recall, though, is my cousin’s drawing of her PhD supervisor (I couldn’t find it so please accept this image of Dr Hank McCoy by Evan Shaner) . He is a geeky superhero, trying his best to save the (PhD) world in which he lives, but obviously totally ill-equipped for the expectations bestowed upon him. Continue reading “Community Acuity (3) taking the ‘super’ out of supervisor”